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Valveforce steam trap survey

April 30, 2014

Save money, reduce your carbon footprint and ensure that your traps are working at maximum efficiency with a steam trap survey by an experienced Valveforce Engineer. Our Engineers will: Produce a full report on your steam traps and ancillaries Carry out a visual inspection to ascertain suitability, correct installation and function. Provide detailed savings for energy and carbon reduction […]


Energy savings of over £14,000 per year

April 23, 2014

When a nationwide paper and cardboard manufacturer asked us to undertake a Boilerhouse audit, to assess the potential for energy savings, we quickly identified a significant opportunity for heat recovery from the returning condensate. To prevent this waste in energy, which was due to condensate being flashed off and vented to atmosphere, we completely redesigned the condensate return system. Once designed, we manufactured and installed the […]


Knowledge and expertise results in a turnkey solution

April 16, 2014

Having met us at the Maintec Exhibition, a leading pharmaceutical company asked if we could look at solving the problems they were experiencing with their large steam let down station. With oversized, non-responsive pressure control valves leading to poor building controls for a critical environment, they needed steam knowledge, control valve expertise, process controls and […]


Valve geeks turned exhibitionists

April 9, 2014

As self-confessed valve geeks we love nothing better than a good chat about all things valve and steam related, so we really were in our element at the recent Maintec show. As the UK’s leading show for maintenance engineers, there were plenty of people looking for our help and expertise and it was great to share our technical knowledge with both new and existing customers. […]

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