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We have a vast range of strainers available, whether you need wafer pattern commissioning strainers, Y type strainers or Duplex basket strainers, Valveforce will be able to specify and supply the most suitable product for your requirements.

The Y-type strainer is the most common and economic type of strainer for permanent applications, suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical pipelines.

Our flanged Y-Type strainers are designed and manufactured to PED/97/23/EC with end connections machined to recognised international standards such as ASME B16.5 and EN1092-1 and are generally available from our stock at very competitive prices.

Major Applications

Generally coarse filtration for the following example applications: -

  • Pump Protection
  • Flow-meter Protection
  • Valve & Regulator Protection
  • Instrumentation & Ancillary Piping Item Protection

On steam distribution systems it is important to use a fine mesh to ensure that fine particles are captured to protect items such as pressure reducing valves and steam flow meters.

Range of strainers with perforated or mesh screen options

Strainer (available with perforated or mesh screen)
Strainer (available with
perforated or mesh screen)
  • Designed to remove solids and particulates from the media
  • Various mesh sizes available including fine meshes for steam application
  • Bolted end cap with a drain plug for ease of cleaning
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