pneumatic control valves

Valveforce has the capabilities to help process plants with their most demanding control problems. Whether you need to find a cost effective control valve for cooling water service, or a stainless steel globe valve for your aggressive or pure processes we will be able to get the correctly specified product for your needs.

Two way pneumatic control valves

Two way pneumatic control valve
Two way pneumatic
control valve
  • Special valve design to handle a wide range of fluids such as water, thermal oil, steam, nitrogen & natural gases
  • Optimised modular construction for repair and application requirements
  • Large range of pneumatic actuation forces available to meet most services

Mixing & diverting pneumatic control valves

Mixing & diverting pneumatic control valve
Mixing & diverting pneumatic
control valve
  • Control valves for use in hot water & thermal oil systems to maintain constant fluid temperature supply
  • Excellent control guaranteed by finely engineered three port junction & plug

Pneumatic control valves for high pressure applications

Pneumatic control valve for high pressure applications
Pneumatic control valve
for high pressure
  • Resilient construction for severe service applications
  • Maximum pressures of 80 bar with permissible pressure drops of up to 30 bar
  • Applications include turbine bypass, let down & de-superheating stations
  • Integral pilot control valve counteracts excessive back pressure
  • Double & triple cage options allow for maximum protection against cavitation
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