self acting pressure regulators

Self-actuating pressure control valves from Valveforce are designed to maintain an adjustable set point for pressure control systems. Our range is self-actuating and therefore does not need an additional auxiliary energy supply such as electric or air. Our range of self-actuating pressure control valves are easily to operate and set up, these are probably the most cost effective control valves available.

Surplus and pressure maintaining valves

Surplus and pressure maintaining valve
Surplus and pressure maintaining valve
  • For systems that require the upstream pressure to be controlled
  • Available in direct acting & pilot operated models

Pilot operated pressure reducing valves

Pilot operated pressure reducing valve
Pilot operated pressure reducing valve
  • Accurate and steady pressure control even with fluctuating flow rates
  • Different options suitable for steam, gas and air
  • Easy to operate, setup and alter if required

Direct acting pressure reducing valves

Direct acting pressure reducing valve
Direct acting pressure reducing valve
  • Very robust ensuring long life with minimal maintenance
  • Operates in harsh applications with often large pressure drops and flow rates
  • Available in large sizes with balanced bellows for larger pressure drops
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