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One of our core competences is steam systems design and supply. We can provide detailed unbiased expertise, advice and understand our customer's needs in order to develop the correct solution.

Steam Traps

Steam trapping is an essential and critical part of the steam and condensate loop. It is advisable to take our specialist advice to ensure that the correct steam trap is sized and specified correctly.

Also and still very important is the pipework layout and geometry which may also cause site problems. If you need advice then please do not hesitate to speak to one of our engineers.

Our range includes –

Steam Traps
Steam Traps
  • Mechanical traps such as ball float traps and bucket traps ideal for use on heat transfer packages where there are often varying loads.
  • Thermodynamic traps are compact, lightweight and not affected by water hammer and are very well suited for steam mains drainage.
  • Thermostatic traps are used on a vast amount of applications where you might want to use some of the sensible heat in the condensate and reduce live steam loss.


  • Centrifugal separators remove up to 98% of condensate. As steam passes through the separator's cyclonic cone centrifugal forces push condensate outwards

Condensate Recovery Pump Sets

Condensate Recovery Pump Set
Condensate Recovery
Pump Set
  • Stainless steel atmospheric collection vessel with electric pump sets
  • Duty and cascade pump control for efficient recovery of valuable condensate
  • Pre-fabricated and robust in design for reliable long life
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We support energy contractors and consultants working on renewable energy projects where they may need to partner a specialist in the steam and condensate loop. The types of projects we work on are: New Energy Centres, Energy from Waste, Waste Heat Boiler Plant, Biomass and Bio fuels, Heating and Cooling Distribution, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Waste Water, District heating.

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