self acting temperature regulators

The thermostatic temperature controller, which consists of a thermostat and a valve, is used for controlling temperatures in central heating, district heating systems, industrial plants or marine systems. It can be used for the control of cold or hot water, steam or oil, in heating or cooling systems.

Temperature regulator

A thermostat consists of a sensor and a capillary tube filled with liquid and an adjusting cylinder. The thermostat is self-acting and based on the principle of liquid expansion. It has a sturdy design and operates with a large closing force. The adjusting cylinder of the thermostat is set at the required temperature for the heated medium in °C.

The temperature control is carried out by the thermostatically controlled valve reducing or increasing the flow of the heating
(or cooling) medium.

If the temperature of the medium to be heated is above the required level, the sensor liquid expands causing the piston of the thermostat to act upon the valve, reducing the flow of the heating medium. If the temperature of the medium to be heated is below the required level, the temperature of the sensor liquid falls, reducing the volume of the liquid so that the piston allows the valve to open under its internal spring, thus increasing the flow of the heating medium.

Temperature regulator
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