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Our expertise in flow control and in-depth knowledge of steam and process system design has allowed us to develop a portfolio of high quality products capable of satisfying some of the most demanding applications in industry today.

Control valves (L to R): Two way pneumatic control valve and high performance full tilt safety valve
L to R: Two way pneumatic control valve and high performance
full tilt safety valve

The Range
For plant warm up and overnight our range of programmable controllers guarantee your energy requirements are being met at the point of demand. Alternatively for simpler applications we have a full range of self regulating valves to meet your requirements.

We are proud to be able to offer our customers solutions to some of their most complex problems. Many of our valves have been custom designed to overcome the most stringent flow criteria. We feel convinced that once you have browsed through our product range you will be assured of our expertise and impressed by our diverse range.

The Complete Package
No matter your company needs Valveforce has a solution fit for you. We stock a wide range of pipeline ancillaries to keep your operations functioning smoothly. From heat exchangers to steam monitoring you will find Valveforce knowledgeable, keen to help and well stocked. It makes sense energy and process engineering is our passion.

Energy Sector
Energy applications provide the most challenging demands on flow control and management. Poor control of your service fluid results in heat losses that can impact badly on a company’s business. Our understanding of application specific demands across the steam, hot water and thermal oil sectors means that we can provide the right solutions for our customers.

Process Sector
In the process sector rotary valves are ideal for on/off applications and are used extensively across the industry for their low pressure drop characteristics and convenience. Our range is different: we offer you the ability to control your flow. Our high performance butterfly valves and segmented ball valves exceed the inherent design limitations of standard rotary valves.

The result of many years of research, these valves offer the increased precision necessary for accurate flow control together with the more traditional advantages rotary valves have always offered the process industry. Our dedication to this sector is further evidenced by our sanitary valve range. We will specify valve packages certified for your application here and, of course, since this is Valveforce, you will find hygienic flow control solutions in this range.

our product range

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We support energy contractors and consultants working on renewable energy projects where they may need to partner a specialist in the steam and condensate loop. The types of projects we work on are: New Energy Centres, Energy from Waste, Waste Heat Boiler Plant, Biomass and Bio fuels, Heating and Cooling Distribution, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Waste Water, District heating.

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Valveforce Ltd is committed to meeting the need of its customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner through continuous improvement in environmental performance in all our activities.


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