Steam Trap Survey

A Valveforce Steam Trap Survey carried out on a regular basis is the efficient way to maximise energy efficiency, eliminate costly losses and minimise production downtime.

Detailed scope for each survey

A Valveforce Steam Trap Survey involves a detailed inspection of your condensate return system and delivers the following:

  • Identification and an inventory of the complete steam trap population
  • Independent checking of each steam trap to ensure that it is correct for the application.
  • Visual inspection of each steam trap to check that it is installed correctly
  • The latest ultrasonic testing of all steam traps in operation
  • Highlight other issues that may be observed in your steam and condensate system
  • Generation of an independent report as a result of the survey.

Valveforce’s independent report will contain:

  • A complete detailed listing of all your steam traps
  • Precise operating conditions for each trap (at time of survey)
  • A detailed report on the condition of the steam traps and associated ancillaries
  • Accurate steam losses will be highlighted and calculated using your exact operating costs
  • Calculated return on investment will be given for any remedial work that may be required
  • Should other steam leaks be identified such as gland leaks then these will be also included
  • An inclusion for other system recommendations maybe required


  • We are able to offer a competitive steam trap installations to carry out the remedial work
  • We offer discounted prices for all steam traps and ancillary products identified during the survey

We support energy contractors and consultants working on renewable energy projects where they may need to partner a specialist in the steam and condensate loop. The types of projects we work on are: New Energy Centres, Energy from Waste, Waste Heat Boiler Plant, Biomass and Bio fuels, Heating and Cooling Distribution, Combined Heat and Power (CHP), Waste Water, District heating.

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Valveforce Ltd is committed to meeting the need of its customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner through continuous improvement in environmental performance in all our activities.


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