ChemValve-Schmid Non Return Valves

ChemValve-SchmidChemValve-Schmid AG resulted from the merger of ConVey-Schmid AG which was founded in 1993 and ChemValve AG from Stäfa (canton Zurich).

Their production facility is located in Welschenrohr and contains the development and production of fittings, valves, systems of the process and environmental technology of every kind. These products are used in the environment technology, process engineering, chemistry, food and energy producing industry. The three most important product lines are:

  • Non-Return Valves, Check Valves and Double Disc Check Valves
  • PTFE lined Butterfly Valves
  • Special Valves

ChemValve-Schmid AG specializes in the machining of special materials like titanium, hastelloy (nickel alloys) and fluoropolymer (PTFE).This is coupled with the highly experienced valve production engineers has made them an invaluable supplier for Valveforce.