Hygienic Valves

Hygienic Valves

Complete range of control valves for clean service

An area that Valveforce concentrate on is providing a comprehensive range of hygienic valves to Food and Beverage companies as well as the Pharmaceutical industry.

We are well known for our engineering support and often get asked to carry on into the details of the hygienic realm.  We ensure culinary and sanitary grades of materials and connections are adhered to as well a very specific requirement of the pharmaceutical world.

Our hygienic range of valves are designed to meet sterility requirements across the process sector. Fitted with BPE clamp fittings, conforming to FDA, ASME and ISO standards, the joint seals of these valves are free from the dead zones responsible for debris build up.

Polished surface finishes further reduce the possibilities of impurity build up and are chosen to a fineness suitable to the application. Included in this range are valves to meet the highest purity standards as found in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries.