Hospitals and Healthcare

Hospitals and Healthcare

Save Energy, Save Money

With focus on steam such a critical yet overlooked utility in hospitals, issues with these systems will regularly exist. Simple problems, if left unidentified, have a detrimental effect on performance, energy, efficiency and cost. With steam distribution systems being difficult to manage and a distinct lack of specialists available to carry out the work, this is often the case.

To maximise the efficiency of your steam systems Valveforce will:

  • Assess the current situation of your plant
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Recommend energy saving solutions
  • Comprehensive steam trap surveys
  • Provide technical advice
  • Carry out energy audits
  • Offer turnkey installations
  • Provide the most effective products
  • Carry out ongoing commissioning
  • Provide engineering support

We are committed to providing the NHS with the most comprehensive range of products and supporting services specifically focused to the Hospital industry, backed up by outstanding technical service, a problem-solving approach and overall a higher level of partner performance.

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