Pneumatic Control Valves for Balloon Dipping Plant

Pneumatic Control Valves for Balloon Dipping Plant

Valveforce’s steam system and flow control expertise are helping a new balloon dipping plant supplied to China.

The Chesterfield based plant, who produce ancillary equipment for the latex, nitrile and PVC industries, approached Valveforce to investigate and recommend the most efficient and cost-effective solution for heating oil, whilst maintaining a high level of product quality.

The Director at the plant said: “Valveforce’s control valves are proving to be an excellent choice! From the very outset, the whole experience with Valveforce has been first-class, including delivery times that were far in advance of anything else we were offered. We have benefited in both price and delivery from their independent status.”

In addition to Valveforce’s thermal oil solution, the pneumatic control valves were designed to withstand a wide range of fluids; steam, water, nitrogen and natural gases, as well as benefiting from optimised modular construction, making repair an ease.

“Valveforce have been first class. Their independent status has been beneficial to us in terms of both price and delivery.”

Click here to download Valveforce’s case study on a balloon dipping plant