Plant Room Winter Preparation

Whilst we’re currently enjoying the glorious weather, we know temperatures will soon drop. When heating systems are turned back on within hospitals, they can often be problematic with mechanical, steam and valve issues. So now is a great time to do your plant room winter preparation.

Mechanical issues include:

  • Coil damage Calorifier bundles get clogged up or split and need
    to be repaired or cut back
  • Plate heat exchangers leak and often require new gaskets or plate packs
  • Pipework can often split and have significant leaks and therefore need replacing

 Steam and valve issues due to the colder weather include:

  • Steam Trap SurveyIncreased condensate load will quickly expose trapping problems, causing safety issues, risking damage and costing money
  • Hardening old rubber internals can cause leaks, which worsen over time and need to be repaired or replaced
  • Actuators and control loops can prove very problematic with varying temperatures and need fine tuning

Valveforce and all The Force Group are here to help you

Supporting the NHS We have been supporting hospitals within the NHS for over 10 years, working with over 35 hospitals in a number of trusts.

We have a complete portfolio of Engineered Services available and you can rely on us, as Boiler House and Plant Room specialists.

Here’s what a few of our NHS clients are saying:  

“Valveforce are a pleasure to deal with, they understood my technical problem and gave a solution under my budget” (Estates Manager)

“…the site visit from Valveforce highlighted areas that saved me and my team hours each week. Great service” (Maintenance Manager)

“…the professionalism of the Valveforce team was a breath of fresh air and I’m delighted with the improvements and recommendations they made” (Energy Manager)

We offer a full Turnkey Solution providing dedicated support on or off-site to help the major assets in industry with:

Consultation and Design | Specification and Supply | Installation and Commissioning |Overhaul and Repair | Service and Maintenance

Please call us to discuss your Plant Room requirements on 0121 711 1908, we’re here to help! 

Supporting the NHS

At The Force Group we are a dedicated multi-disciplinary team with product specialists you can count upon in supporting the NHS. We are committed to providing the NHS with a comprehensive range of products and supporting services, specifically focused to the Hospital industry. This is backed up by outstanding technical service, a problem-solving approach and overall a higher level of partner performance.

We offer a fully comprehensive range of products and complementary services for Valves, Heat Exchangers, Controls & Instrumentation and Pumps. We have four companies under the Force Group each with a specific technical focus on specific products within industry. Our aim is to fully align ourselves to what our customers are asking us for: dedicated expertise and cost-effective solutions to support them on or off site.

Supporting the NHS














Here’s what a few of our NHS clients are saying:  

“Valveforce are a pleasure to deal with, they understood my technical problem and gave a solution under my budget” (Estates Manager)

“…the site visit from Valveforce highlighted areas that saved me and my team hours each week. Great service” (Maintenance Manager)

“…the professionalism of the Valveforce team was a breath of fresh air and I’m delighted with the improvements and recommendations they made” (Energy Manager)

We offer a full Turnkey Solution providing dedicated support on or off-site to help the major assets in industry with:

Consultation and Design | Specification and Supply | Installation and Commissioning | Overhaul and Repair | Service and Maintenance

Please call us on 0121 711 1908 to discuss your requirements, we’d be happy to help.

Valveforce are key workers for the NHS

Valveforce are key workers for the NHS

Valveforce are key workers for the NHSValveforce have received the following letter from an NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Contractor

This is to confirm you are currently contracted to undertake ongoing work for NHS Foundation Trust.

The work you carry out is essential to the provision of safe, quality care to patients. It is, therefore, considered that those contracted to provide services, through you, in the context of the Trust’s response to COVID-19, are key workers.

Please accept this letter as confirmation of our requirement for your workers to continue to undertake contracted work, as required, and to be classed as key workers. You may issue this letter to any member of your staff fulfilling a contract for us as proof of their keyworker status. It is imperative that this is only provided to those people contracted or subcontracted to our contracts.

This letter is valid until the end of May 2020 in the first instance and may extended subject to the situation at that time.

How to contact Valveforce

Please contact us on the details below, we’re here to help.


Phone: 0121 711 1908

Video call: 07958 333 020 (to show us problems you are experiencing on site, please use WhatsApp or Skype)

If you found this blog useful, please look at our other blogs: Valveforce remains open for business and Valveforce are here to help!

Valveforce remains open for business

The Force Group (Valveforce, Controlsforce, Heatxforce) remains open for business to provide our usual service to the UK’s essential operating services (Hospitals & Healthcare, Food & Beverage, Energy). Following the Government announcement of a country-wide lock down, we remain closely aligned to the Government instructions for UK businesses at this time.

Where possible, our employees are working from home, but our workshop remains open to complete essential work and our engineers are available to attend site.

Please contact us on the details below, we’re here to help.


Phone: 0121 711 1908

Video call: 07958 333 020 (to show us problems you are experiencing on site, please use WhatsApp or Skype)

Stay safe!

Valveforce are here to help

Valveforce are here to helpWhilst we have social distancing and therefore limited access to sites, we are still being asked to help our customers out.

What could be a great idea is if you have video camera on your phone and access to Skype or WhatsApp, you can show us the problems you are experiencing onsite. We can discuss this with you and try to resolve the issues from afar.

Our phone number for that would be 07958 333 020. Please don’t be shy and use our service, we are here to help. Thank you.

Click here to view this video message from Marc Bozdogan, Managing Director

Paper and Pulp Valve Specialists

Paper and Pulp Mills

As one of the largest industries in the world the paper and pulp industry demands reliability and high-quality valves. This is where Valveforce can help! Valveforce are Paper and Pulp Valve Specialists and understands that Pulp and Paper mill applications require valves that are able to handle the corrosive environment.

The industry need reliable flow control products, that can handle corrosive liquids with little to no maintenance or downtime. Valveforce’s expertise can tailor your needs to suit your system requirements.

SOMAS Valve sole distributor

As the sole distributor for Somas valves, Valveforce have an extensive knowledge of the market as Somas had developed and manufactured valves and other equipment specifically designed for the paper and pulp industry. These valves and applications contain acid proof stainless steel for protection from potentially damaging substances.

Due to the long production runs and the need for uninterrupted services that the paper and pulp industry costly valve failure can cause undesirable Somas Logo consequences due to the shutting down of the process.

Valveforce can save you time and money!

As Paper and Pulp Valve Specialists, Valveforce can offer a varied range of products to suit your applications. We can provide expert technical advice for the steam & condensate system and offer solutions for your specific requirements both in terms of design, material and installation.

Given the changes the paper and pulp industry is facing companies need to get a tighter grip operation costs. We can make large savings by helping with valve selection and introducing uniformity, interchangeability and reducing spares stock.

To find out more about how we can help you, read our Paper and Pulp broadsheet.

Contact us today

If you want to reduce maintenance costs, lower energy consumption and create higher productivity please contact us today. Call 0121 711 1908 or email, our team of experts are here to help.

District Heating Scheme Valve Specialists

District Heating SchemeAt Valveforce we are District Heating Scheme Valve Specialists. We are committed to help combat climate change and help the UK reach the 2050 energy target set in the 2008 Climate Change Act. One way the government is looking to achieve this is via District Heating Systems which use a single centralised source to heat a network of buildings. This reduces the reliance on the regular gas boiler heating.

District heating and cooling systems are an important and environmentally friendly source of energy. The aim is to provide low carbon energy cheaply and efficiently by using waste heat by products from other sources.

District heating systems generate heat in a centralised setting and distribute across a variety of different sites. Power is mainly produced from a centralised system either biomass or Combined Heat & Power System (CHP). CHP Boilers take the heat from cooling the engine during electricity generation. This is so the heat contained in steam,  can be transferred to individual buildings through pipes and via substations to heat them.

BROEN Valve Technologies

Broen Valve Technologies LogoFor more than 30 years BROEN have pioneered in district energy by constantly pursuing and refining valve technology and this commitment means, that BROEN blends reliability with quality to position thus are a trusted and preferred supplier for long lasting, efficient energy solutions. Valveforce finds that by partnering with BROEN they have the expertise to create safe, intelligent and lasting solutions that meet regulatory requirements.

How can Valveforce help?

Our extensive knowledge of the complete system extends from the Energy Centre, underground pipework including the main pipe isolation to the service pipe work and throughout utility plant-rooms. As District Heating Schemes are an invaluable source of energy there are increasing requirements in these markets.

The enormous power rushing through a district heating and cooling system, puts great pressure on the components. Valveforce work in partnership with the big names in Europe for district heating to provide new and more efficient solutions, specification and technical selection.

We supply many types of specific district heating valves into underground buried pipe networks, above ground distribution and terminal points.

The specific District Heating Equipment that Valveforce supplies are:

  • District heating welded ball valves
  • Tilting disc low pressure drop NRV
  • Isolating butterfly valves
  • 2 and 3-way electric actuated control valves
  • Differential pressure control valves

Contact us today

As District Heating Scheme Valve Specialists, we have the experience and a broad product range to really benefit you. Please call us on 0121 711 1908 or email to discuss any valve related projects.

Steam and Condensate System Installation

With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing EPS bonded bead cavity wall insulation, our client is committed to creating warmer homes. They do so by improving the standard of home insulation in all properties.

Our client recently expanded and set up a new manufacturing facility in Central England, due to the continued growth of their bonded bead cavity wall insulation product range.

The process of making bonded bead cavity wall insulation requires the use of a steam generating plant. It is essential to deliver steam at critical temperatures and dryness fraction. This ensures the quality of steam being served to the continuous duty pre-expansion plant is met.

With a growing reputation as steam systems specialists, Valveforce (part of the Force group) were contacted to design the steam and condensate system. As well, the team carried out the full steam design and build project.

The Valveforce team carried out a full site assessment, a detailed steam and condensate system design, plus all the necessary mechanical and electrical installation works. Examples of equipment used included steam bellow sealed stop valves, pressure reducing valves, temperature control valves and condensate steam traps.

During the installation of the steam boiler plant, the Valveforce team carried out the oil feed installation to the burner, boiler water mains feed, blowdown vessel & safety valves vents and drains. This ensured that our client had one preferred installer, and specialist steam system team on board.

Specialist attention was given to the critical temperature of the plant. Valveforce ensured that there was a carefully selected steam separator and condensate drainage. This helped to ensure the driest levels of steam was produced.

Valveforce delivered the project on time and within budget, working alongside the site engineering team. During the build of the overall project, there were a couple of technical areas that needed to be addressed. However, we were able to offer their support and expertise.

steam and condensate system installation






Before and after photos


If you have a requirement for steam and condensate system installation, please contact Valveforce on 0121 711 1908. We would be very happy to discuss your project in detail.

Steam Trap Testing Basics 

Due to high energy prices and global competition the need to reduce energy waste and improve system efficiencies is more essential than ever. Steam, is one of the costliest utilities in manufacturing plants, but it’s also a necessary component to produce product quality across multiple processing industries. Here at Valveforce, we offer steam trap testing services that can help you ensure your system is running safely and efficiently. 

One major contributor to waste and inefficiency is steam leaks: both to the atmosphere and through valves and steam traps. By simply implementing a steam trap testing program, you can save your company thousands of pounds. A good steam trap survey will be able to identify any faulty steam traps and steam leaks that can impact safety, in turn, this will reduce energy waste and promote sustainability. Steam trap failure can have a huge impact on product quality so it’s important to maintain and repair a facility’s steam trap population on a regular basis.

Ultrasonic steam trap testing

Ultrasound technology is a recognised procedure that’s used worldwide for steam trap testing, it is considered to be the most versatile of any predictive maintenance (PdM) technology. In addition to steam trap testing, common applications for ultrasound also include compressed air and gas leak detection, bearing inspection, motors, gearboxes, valves, and hydraulic applications. An ultrasonic steam trap tester should also be combined with visual inspection and temperature measurement. 

A Valveforce Steam Trap Survey involves a detailed inspection of your condensate return system and delivers the following:

  • Identification and an inventory of the complete steam trap population
  • Independent checking of each steam trap to ensure that it is correct for the application
  • Visual inspection of each steam trap to check that it is installed correctly
  • The latest ultrasonic testing of all steam traps in operation
  • Highlight other issues that may be observed in your steam and condensate system
  • Generation of an independent report as a result of the steam trap survey

With an increased focus on energy and sustainability within our industry, steam trap testing with ultrasound is a great way to show our customers that energy loss is something we take seriously. At Valveforce we make a conscious effort to correct problems related to energy loss and can help you do the same. Ultrasound technology is extremely versatile, not only can it provide insight into the health of steam traps, but also other components of the steam system such as heat exchangers, shutoff valves, control valves, solenoids, relief valves, cavitation in condensate return pumps, and steam leaks to atmosphere. 

Contact us today

As leading steam trap suppliers and experts in steam trap testing we can help your business save money when it comes to energy loss. 

For more information about steam trap testing head to our website today. Our specialists would love to discuss how implementing a maintenance program into your business strategy can save you thousands of pounds. To discuss this, you can call 0121 711 1908 or email

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Valveforce can help with SFG20 planned maintenance

SFG20 – simplifying the world of building maintenance

SFG20 planned maintenance SFG20 is the definitive standard for planned maintenance. Valveforce can help with SFG20 planned maintenance. It is an invaluable tool to help facilities managers, contractors, building owners and anyone responsible for maintenance to stay compliant. It can also saving clients time, energy and money.

All businesses have a vast range of assets; HVAC (heating, ventilation and cooling) equipment, plants and electrical machinery. These all need regular auditing, maintenance, updates and testing to ensure they stay in line with legislation and compliance, and to ensure optimum performance, longevity and safety.

At Valveforce, we often find that there are a variety of specific skill sets that are required to do the above, which the owner operator does not have. This is were the specialist skills of the team at Valveforce can help, as we can provide the trades that are required, such as gas engineers, pipe fitters, coded welding, electrical and C&I and the detailed skills of valve technicians combined with the flexibility, support and project management that is often needed.

The expert team at Valveforce can help you with core schedules 61 for Valves and 62 for Valves – Automatic Controls.

If you would like to know more about how Valveforce can help you with SFG20 planned maintenance click here or call Valveforce’s team of specialists on 0121 711 1908.

To find out how Valveforce completed an extensive Valve Maintenance programme to comply with SFG20 click here.

To find out more about SFG20 click here.

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