Prefabricated pressure reducing stations

Prefabricated pressure reducing stations

Watkins Hire case study – prefabricated pressure reducing station

Watkins Hire is the UK’s leading specialist temperature control rental solutions provider. They have many years’ experience in providing complete rental solutions for critical temperature control requirements across all industry sectors. Watkins contacted Valveforce, as they needed several large prefabricated pressure reducing stations. These had to be matched to various steam boiler outputs to complement their steam boiler hire range, in order to offer a very flexible approach to controlling the steam mains pressure and reduce it to various downstream set pressures. They also wanted to be able to re-use the same pre-fabricated skid on other projects in the future.

How Valveforce helped Watkins

We were initially acting as a designer, but as the project grew we were asked to fully model, design, build and supply the complete packages. Therefore, we fast tracked the project to meet the critical installation dates Watkins required to ensure continuity of steam supply to a large chemical site. They Prefabricated pressure reducing stationPrefabricated pressure reducing stationrequired flexibility in the pre-fabricated pressure reducing skids, to ensure they were in a position to re-use and re-hire the skids repeatedly to gain their return on investment.

The design

We designed a large skidded pressure reducing station. It required a DN 150 double block & bleed using isolating globe valves and a pressure reducing valve fully protected by a fine mesh strainer and upstream trapping. The reduced pressure steam expansion was catered for in a DN 250 pipe run complete with isolating valve. This would keep the average steam load velocity down to an acceptable level of 22 m/s. Ensuring that the reduced pressure was protected by the installation of a significant DN 100 x 150 full lift safety relief valve.

The project required us to work together in a cohesive open manner, in order to fully understand all the possible applications these skids may be used under. We had to manage Watkins expectations, whilst technically justifying the design process together. Due to the nature of the project, there was meticulous attention to detail throughout the project, especially around Watkins documentation requirements and the factory acceptance test. In conclusion, the project was successfully delivered on time and within budget by Valveforce. The fabrication was executed according to plan with our coded welders.

“Valveforce successfully delivered areas of the project within the timescales and budget set. Thank you for pulling out the stops and delivering a great job. These skids are brilliant quality; we will be back to you when we need some more in the future.”  Dean Clifton, Steam Director (UK North), Watkins Hire.

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Prefabricated pressure reducing stationPrefabricated pressure reducing stationPrefabricated pressure reducing stationPrefabricated pressure reducing station