Control Valves

Control Valves

Control ValveControl Valves are used as the final control element in a closed control loop system. The control valve manipulates a flowing fluid, such as gas, steam, water, or chemical compounds to compensate for the load disturbance and keeps the regulated process variable as close as possible to the desired set point.

At Valveforce, we are a leading independent control valve supplier. We have the detailed understanding that goes into not only the product, such as a fisher valve or Samson valve, but also the application.  This is critical for the accuracy and reliability of the valves in these applications.   We only use leading manufacturers and have the right valve for every application whether it’s fisher valves,  butterfly valves, Samson valves or any other valve type. We understand the applications involved. Consequently, sizing and selection of the valve is critical. We carefully size and select the valve to ensure efficient performance and control of the process.

Valveforce specialise in control valves such as: Globe, Rotary, Fisher, Samson control valves and Ball segment valve. We correctly and accurately select the required type of actuator and positioner. Plus any additional instrumentation that may be required such as air sets and limit switches.

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Valveforce Limited are part of The Force Group of Companies, which also comprises of ControlsforceHeatxforce and Pumpforce. We have grown into a group structure and are now in a position to offer a fully comprehensive range of products and complementary services, for not only Valves, but now Heat Exchangers, Controls & Instrumentation and Pumps. We now have four companies under the Force Group, each with a specific technical focus on specific products within industry, with the aim of fully aligning ourselves to what our customers are needing: dedicated expertise and cost-effective solutions to help them on or off site.

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