Butterfly Control Valves

Butterfly Control Valve

Unique minimal wear triple offset design

Our range of advanced triple offset high performance butterfly control valves helps you adjust your flow and provides complete process isolation. A butterfly control valve can be used on steam, gas, water and many other fluid to suit your site conditions and we only manufacture from high-grade stainless steel with a homogenous metal seat as standard.

High Temperature High Performance Butterfly Control Valve

Product Control Valve
  • Class VI sealing characteristics due to triple offset design
  • Minimal wearing due to triple offset design homogeneous disc and seat materials
  • Numerous materials of contruction to meet process specific requirements
  • This butterfly control valve is designed in consideration of demanding applications such as contaminated media

Large Diameter High Performance Butterfly Valves

Product Control Valve
  • The advanced triple eccentric design of the seat and the unique construction of the disc provides for excellent shut-off and more or less eliminates the need for maintenance.
  • The high surface pressure between seat and disc makes the valve useful for pulp applications where the fibers are easily cut.
  • The MTV butterfly control valve is the most cost-efficient choice for control and on/off applications.
  • All our valves are tested for leakage and meets the requirements of IEC 534-4 Class V for valves with SS 2377-seat or Class VI for valves with PTFE-seat.

Triple Offset High Performance Butterfly Valve

Product Control Valve
  • The metal seat ensures that high-velocity flow will have no effect on the valves tight shut-off ability and allows for many years of operation.
  • Dimensions up to DN 1200, pressure classes PN 10-50 and the universal design allows for manufacture in many different materials and enables us to cover most applications in the process industry.
  • These triple offset valves can be installed by mounting between flanges, with or without lugs. The butterfly control valve is also available with fully flanged if required.

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