Segmented Ball Control Valves

Segmented Ball Control Valves

Ball control valves have high capacity, excellent tightness and free flow. These words aptly describe some of the superior properties of our segmented ball valves. Our segmented ball valves have been designed to fulfil the strictest requirements of the process industry on the control valves used.

Segment & V-Notch Ball Valve For High Capacity Control

Product Control Valve
  • Segmented control v notch ball valves with improved opening characteristics for control applications
  • Close to linear opening characteristics
  • Minimised clogging due to free flow design
  • Segmented ball valves with design improved flow characteristics affords a smaller sized and more economical valve than typical alternatives
  • Ball segment and shaft of this v notch valve made in one piece to give a torque transmission free of backlash
  • Excellent tightness irrespective of differential pressures

Segmented Ball Valves For Low Noise At High Differential Pressures

Product Control Valve
  • Ball segment is machined with a low noise trim
  • Despite the network of bars design these segmented ball control valves are still capable of passing fluids with medium fibre concentration

Float Ball Control Valves For Sealing Against Low Differential Pressures

Product Control Valve
  • Class VI sealing even at the lowest differential pressures due to spring loaded double seats
  • Precisely engineered full bore ball in hard chrome or HiCo
  • Seats options include reinforced PTFE and carbon filled PTFE
  • Designed to meet applications such as contaminated medi