Severe Service Control Valves

Severe Service Control Valve

Severe service is a term that is often used to refer to high pressure drop applications but is also used to describe conditions where the media is abrasive or corrosive. Under these conditions, to be suitable for the processes, special care and attention must be paid to the valve trims so that valve performance is maximized and valve wear minimized. Perforated plugs are typically used on large pressure drop applications to avoid cavitation in liquids and reduce noise levels and valve wear on steam and gas applications

High Pressure Applications

  • Perforated cone trims for liquids avoids cavitation
  • Low noise trims for large pressure drops on steam
  • Triple cage available for very large pressure drops
  • Stellated trims improve durability
  • Power station applications
  • Vent dump valves where sudden, large quantities of high pressure steam need venting to atmosphere
  • Turbine bypass valves where high pressure superheated steam needs diverting during turbine shutdown
  • Spill-back valves where high pressure feed water is typically diverted to vented tanks