Flow Metering Service Agreement

Flow Metering Service Agreement

You cannot conserve what you are not monitoring!

Valveforce offer an extensive range of flow measurement services and solutions for liquids, compressed air, gas and steam. The installation of meters has become even more important in more recent years as focus has been drawn to eliminating waste, accurate costings of utilities and detailed production costs.

These flow meter systems are all too often installed, calibrated and then forgotten. Overtime flow meters can become unreliable and in accurate which could lead to the following issues:

  • Product failure due to inaccurate measurement
  • Poor batch costing for analysis
  • Over or under changing for utilities and services
  • Inaccurate gauge of departmental consumption

Flow Meter Calibration

Overall we would suggest that a flow meter pipeline unit is recalibrated every 3 years if accuracy is key to its purpose.

Valveforce have the ability to test and calibrate both volumetric and mass flow meters with flows of a few litres per hour through to 60 litres per second using pipe diameters of up to 200mm.

The high tech flow meter calibration rig is designed to ensure an absolute concentric flow path to ensure highly accurate flow calibration, the stainless steel pipework is filtered and disinfected to ensure the systems are clean, free of debris and protected against contamination.

Detailed calibration certification is supplied with every flow meter.

Ensure Accuracy with a Valveforce Service Agreement

Our flow metering service agreement will ensure that you keep getting the most reliable and accurate from your systems, your flow meter will be maintained, checked and the loop will be recalibrated to ensure the most reliable data.

Our flow metering service agreement will be tailored to your requirements, but in general will consist of the following:

  • Overall general assessment of current site conditions and accuracy of correct equipment installed
  • Assessment of issues such as correct pipe diameters and K factors settings, turndown ratios, range ability and low flow cut off
  • Frequent calibration of critical components such as DP cells, pressure and temperatures sensors to demonstrate flow meter accuracy
  • Overall a planned approach to your preventative maintenance policy to minimise issues associated with costly downtime
  • Scheduled and planned in main meter recalibration
Valveforce Service Agreement deliver regular maintenance and servicing of metering equipment, carried out by specialist Valveforce service engineers. An on-site assessment of metering system performance is carried out with the customer prior to the commencement of scope of work, which typically includes the following:Works undertaken
Visually inspect and assess that the installation is correct.
Visually inspect pipeline sensors and pressure transducer units (if possible).
Inspect manifolds and impulse lines and blowdown if possible.
Check DP cells and transmitters.
Check all analogue inputs and outputs.
Using a signal generator confirm pressure and temperature inputs.
Note and record all results of checks and calibrations.
Visually check wiring and terminal connections on all electronic equipment and flow computers.
Calculate flow range is within turndown ratio of the meter.
Ensure calibration settings are as per original factory settings.
Planned recalibration of pipeline unit (return to Valveforce).OPTIONAL
Detailed service report generated detailing findings, next steps and recommendations.