Blowdown Vessel Systems

Blowdown Vessel Systems


As the water in the boiler evaporates into Steam it leaves impurities (Total Dissolved Solids – TDS) which consequently coat the inside of the boiler.
The more these deposits build up, the more inefficient the boiler can become:

  • High TDS – results in Plant & Production downtime.
  • Low TDS – leads to noticeable increases in costs of fuel & chemical treatment.

Therefore, it is essential to ensure accurate blowdown methods in order to maintain steam quality
This is particularly important when continuous blowdown is also used on the boiler. The best way of disposing of this blowdown is to pipe it to a blowdown vessel.

The advantages of a blowdown vessel over a blowdown pit are:

    • They are fraction of the cost and size.
    • Quick and easy to install
    • Low maintenance solution for the replacement of blowdown pits.
    • Safe- no cover plate to lift or open area for staff to fall into.
    • Dissipates heat more readily.

The blowdown vessel is also designed to safely handle continuous blowdown, blowdown from level control chambers and level gauge glasses. It can also accommodate other high pressure drains providing it has been sized to do so.

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