Condensate Recovery Pump Systems

Condensate Recovery Systems

At Valveforce, we are experts in the field of steam engineering and condensate systems and can offer real value to our customers in factories and hospitals. We have vast experience in designing, supplying and installing steam distribution, steam pipe installation and condensate recovery systems.
Our condensate recovery units perform a vital role in the overall system of redeeming condensate by ensuring that latent energy is retained. By returning hot condensate to the boiler feedtank or hotwell, the sensible heat in the condensate can be saved. Hot condensate contains approximately 10% of the heat that was originally added to the feedwater to produce steam. It therefore makes sound economic sense to recover this heat. By simply increasing the condensate return rate from 50% to 80% at 80°C for example, a 4% reduction in fuel can be achieved. This represents a substantial monetary saving. In many cases a condensate pumping set will pay for itself within a few months. The savings will continue for years.
Further savings you benefit from are:

  • Savings on lost energy
  • Reduction on water preheat costs
  • Reduction on fuel costs
  • Savings on water treatment – hot condensate is relatively pure water, returning it reduces your chemical treatment requirements
  • Upsurge in boiler efficiency due to high feedwater temperatures
    Reduction on water effluent costs
    Reduction on make up water costs – every litre of hot water returned saves similar amount of cold make-up water.

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Condensate Recovery Pump Sets

Products Steam
  • Stainless steel atmospheric collection vessel with electric pump sets
  • Duty and cascade pump control for efficient recovery of valuable condensate
  • Condensate pump sets pre-fabricated and robust in design for reliable long life