Procurement Manager

Supporting Procurement Managers

Valveforce believes in the balance of best value offering and total life cycle cost. We want to manage out your headaches and solve your application needs. We will not always be the cheapest tenderer but will be able to give you the best quality product that is absolutely right for the application and return on your investment.

We understand the finances are important and are regularly asked to provide alternative pricing against other corporate suppliers where they are proving to be just too expensive. In order to give you the best value for money Valveforce will look at the situation with fresh eyes. We look at alternative ways to use your existing equipment or ways to drive out capital cost or just be better priced as we do not have the layers of margin that other larger corporate companies may have.

Being an independent advisor, we really have the overall market to look at, this gives us the ability to offer the best products and the newest technology at the right price.

If you want a cost effective quote for a project you’re working on please call on 0121 711 1908